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Darren’s series on Creativity-A must read

by Tris Hussey on May 11th, 2007

My buddy (and boss-though he’s been my friend longer than employer) Darren Rowse-an uber blogger is there ever was one-has been working on a series of posts on creativity.

While the series is aimed at bloggers, creativity is a central facet to almost any work.  What brings those flashes of brilliance?  Although I might joke that caffeine or chocolate contributes a great deal to my creativity, in reality I don’t fully know where it comes from in myself.  I do know how to tap into it when I need to, and yes, it does require psyching myself up for it.

Take a moment and read the three posts thus far (I haven’t gone back to see if Darren has added a fourth) … I think something in at least one of the posts will click with you:


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