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Downloadables: PC Fare Meter

by Celine on February 26th, 2008

Want to know how much your time is worth and where you spend it?  PC Fare Meter works like a taxicab meter for your working life.  From the website:

Clocks your time, what you’ve been working on and adds up how much $ you should charge clients

  • No need to remember what you were doing, automatically records your activities on the computer.
  • You don’t want to spend more time managing your time. Auto move automatically moves your activities into the correct projects.
  • Useful later on when you have too many projects and need to separate them into groups.
  • Saves every minute so you won’t lose things if computer/software fails. Keeps several backups of the file if the save was corrupted.
  • Project Hot keys to quickly move things to another project.
  • Export to .csv or .xml, import from xml.
  • Projects can be restored in case one is accidentally deleted.


Click here to download PC Fare Meter

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