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If you have to use Adobe Acrobat-this will speed things up for you

by Tris Hussey on August 23rd, 2007

I’ve pretty much given up on Adobe Acrobat.  So slow to load and if you happen to load a PDF in Firefox or IE … well I’ve found that not only does my system start coming to a halt, but it gets rather unstable.  Yes, I know about PDF Download for Firefox, but even if you have it and mis-click and open well …

Like the Lifehacker article says, if you haven’t started using Foxit Reader well you should, but if you must you Acrobat sounds like this tip is for you:

Granted, most of us left Adobe Reader long ago in favor of Foxit Reader, or even the keyboard-navigator Sumatra, but for those of you who need Adobe Reader for whatever reason, Adobe Reader SpeedUp should go a long way toward a faster Reader. You can either choose one of SpeedUp’s suggested tweaks (like Fast or Turbo) or do some experimentation on your part as to what you can and can’t disable. Adobe Reader SpeedUp is freeware, Windows only. Source: Featured Windows Download: Speed Up Adobe Reader with Adobe Reader SpeedUp - Lifehacker

Okay, tell me this though.  Why, pray tell, has Adobe still not made Acrobat better, faster, lighter.  Heck I have Foxit Reader on my U3 flash drive and it loads almost instantly on my old P4 machine!  Come on Adobe, you’ve gotten us all addicted to PDF (I love PDF btw and use it all the time for proposals and invoices) … why can’t you make the basic reader better?  Sheesh.

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