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Pimping Bookmarks: The job hunt

by Celine on December 21st, 2007

Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’re looking to switch jobs, here are some handy articles that will help you get through the job hunt as painlessly as possible.

How to budget for a job hunt This is something that only a few people do, thinking they can easily get a job after they graduate.  I don’t care if you went to the Harvard Business School, you need to work on this budget before you even graduate.

The job hunt - a shotgun vs. laser approach.  An interesting look on two different approaches of looking for a  job.

The 10 rules of job hunting.  Excellent tips collected over at Free Money Finance.

How to construct a killer resume from start to finish Look over your resume with these tips in mind before you print out a gazillion copies.

Master the interview process.  Over at Interview Chatter, Darlene McDaniel has such a vast inventory of interview related articles.  Here are the ones job hunters can benefit from:

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2 opinions for Pimping Bookmarks: The job hunt

  • Darlene
    Dec 21, 2020 at 6:28 am

    Excellent post! I appreciate the link. I will be back to read the other articles you have posted here. I will be linking back.

    Have an great Christmas!!

    Interview Guru

  • Career Tips Around The Business Channel
    Dec 27, 2020 at 4:59 am

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