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Speed up you work with keyboard shortcuts

by Tris Hussey on February 26th, 2007

I’ve always used lots of keyboard shortcuts and I’m kinda narked when one doesn’t exist or is inconvenient (the Control-F4 for closing windows is one that I think is a pain).  I’m surprised how often people don’t use shortcuts in their day to day work.  It really speeds up tasks (like writing) if you just hit cntrl-i for italics, cntrl-b for bold, etc.  And of course, cntrl-s for save.

Steven Mack of TiVo has launched a new blog called Windows Keyboard Shortcu of the Day, which should get you on your way to useing the mouse less and keyboard more (which is better for your hands, etc).

Hat tip to DownloadSquad for this one.

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