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Capturing ideas on the go?

by Tris Hussey on October 19th, 2006

ConcreteBrain wants to know how you would capture ideas on the go.  The only comment on the post had half of the answer … carry a pen with you.  Yeah, well that’s okay, but umm what about where to write it?  I have two suggestions for you.  First is the venerable Moleskine notebook.  I have a small lined one that lives in my backpack or laptop bag (depending which I’m carrying)  It has great paper (since I write with a fountain pen, this is really important to me) and a spiffy little pocket in the back for notes and receipts and stuff.

Great if you always have a bag with you, but what about those other times?  PocketMod.  Yeah I blog about this a lot, but hey it’s an awesome tool.  Design and print one that meets your needs and just keep in your pocket.  The pen/pencil part … well I always try to wear shirts with pockets so I can always have a pen handy.  Geeky, but hey the number of times someone has asked if someone has a pen and I can offer one makes it worth it.

Seems pretty simple to me.  Carry a pen and either a Moleskine or PocketMod (I have a PocketMod stashed in the pocket of my Moleskine, so how geeky is that?).

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