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Cool Tools: Rainlendar

by Celine on May 12th, 2008


Sure, everybody has a calendar somewhere in their system. However, these are just basic calendars, showing you what date it is. What if you need a calendar that’s easily accessible while at the same time, feature rich? This is where Rainlendar comes in.

Rainlendar allows you to have your own planner directly in your desktop. Events for the week are shown to you in a single glance: no need to hop from one date to another. If events aren’t enough, you can also create your to-do list with Rainlendar. Don’t want to miss out on an important event? Alarms can be created for both your events and to-do list, notifying you in advance. Rainlendar’s appearance can be customized by using skins. This way, the calendar can blend with your desktop so that it won’t be out of place. With Rainlendar, having a calendar just became fashionably easy.

Rainlendar is compatible with Win2000 or newer and Linux Ubuntu 7.10 or equivalent Linux distribution. Click here to see Rainlendar’s official website.

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