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How to Minimize the Recession’s Impact on Your Career

by Celine on March 24th, 2008

In the last quarter of 2007, many economists have been speculating about the US recession. Their predictions were often dismal, going so far as to say that it will be worse now than it was in the 1930’s. The public’s response? Probably to panic, hold onto their jobs, and pray that they don’t get laid off as a result.

If you’re trying to wrap your head around this whole recession issue, here are some great places to start:

Recession is here - economists from CNN Money

Surviving the 2008 recession from Scobleizer, which also gives us What to Do if You’re Laid Off in 2008 recession

Some financial advice on What to Do During a Recession from Blueprint for Financial Prosperity and 5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Life from MSN Money

Choose a Recession-Proof Career by Pinny Cohen

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