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Telecommute and kill your career?

by Tris Hussey on January 19th, 2007

WebWorkerDaily wants to know if telecommuting has killed/hampered your career.

There is this “myth” that one has to “advance” in their career. What does that mean, really? For a lot of people, it means moving from an individual contributor to a manager and then on up the the management chain. Telecommuting does make it more difficult to jump into management. Unless, of course, you are managing remote people, which is even more difficult than managing local people.
For me, personally, what matters isn’t the upward mobility, but the lateral mobility, i.e. the ability to change tasks. It’s not about really about “advancing,” it’s about continuing to do something I am excited about doing. Whether I am low man on the totem pole or the CEO, I really don’t care as long as I enjoy my job and I make enough money to pay the bills.

Want my answer?  Yes.  Being remote has completely altered/hampered/hamstrung my career in some ways.  Sure in other ways it hasn’t.  Blogging, for example, doesn’t matter where you are and you can be really good at it.  Beach in Fiji (I wish), office with a nice view (that would be me), sure no problem.  But, as I’m looking at my long-term career, I find being on an Island and wanting to keep working from home can hamper things.  Face it, there are times you need to be face to face (or f2f to use the lingo).

I’m a pragmatic soul.  I think telework is great.  I think more people should do it, but I also think that in today’s business world you have to do the part in the office, part home office thing to keep it all on track.

That’s my 2 cents …

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