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Pimp Your Work

Technology can Pimp Your Work

by Scot Herrick on February 27th, 2007

Sometimes, it is not the individual tip or trick that needs to be done to Pimp Your Work. Sometimes, your company needs to step up and figure it out so that everyone benefits from a productivity increase — including the company.

UPS is one of those companies. Being rolled out over the last two years, UPS now maps out the most efficient route for its drivers to follow to deliver that day’s packages to their customers.

Some of the features are pretty crazy:

Minimizing left turns so as to minimize the amount of time spent at stop lights.

Using GPS, a signal that beeps the driver if they enter the wrong driveway for the package being delivered.

Allowing customers to reroute a package in transit to a different address.

Does it make a driver and the company more efficient? Yup. UPS logged 3-million fewer miles last November alone than the year before. That saves a large amount of fuel, wear and tear on the delivery vehicles, and greenhouse gasses.

And it gets the drivers home in time for dinner, a pimpalicious treat.

1 opinion for Technology can Pimp Your Work

  • bec-www.audiobookgiftshop.com
    Feb 27, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    Thanks! At first I thought you meant my USP (unique selling proposition) they talk about in advertising.

    My flow chart now reads:
    USP+GPS+UPS = laser targetted accurate delivery of my sustainable (!IT Inconvenient Truth) product-yeah!

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