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I ran Disk Cleanup now my machine won’t Sleep or Hibernate in Vista…huh?

by Tris Hussey on May 28th, 2007

Happened to you too? It was the darnedest thing. And the funny part was that the Sleep feature worked for a little while after I ran disk clean up then stopped. So, what happened?

Okay as you might remember I did a nice clean install of Vista recently. One of the nice benefits of this route is that the files from the old install are both saved for you and can be cleaned up with Disk Cleanup. Spiffy.

Okay so I open Disk Cleanup, but think, hmm I’ll wait a little while longer before I dump all this stuff (about 13 gigs, btw), but I did toast my temp files and … my Hibernation data file.

Yeah that was the bit I shouldn’t have done. File under learn for the next time.

Good thing is that I’m not the only one who has done this little oops. In fact Microsoft has a couple great articles on this, one about problems with Sleep and Hibernation and one on Hibernation specifically. The best part is that you can fix it with one stupid command (powercfg -h on) at the command prompt (running as Administrator of course).

I also think that USB devices plugged in might cause this problem as well. So … I’ve gotten it to work today once, after the powercfg has been run, but I’m still tweaking.

Gotta love Vista.


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