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Vista SP1 delayed for two years!

by Tris Hussey on July 26th, 2007

 This is not the news or rumour I wanted to read this week:

Valleywag reports that “Microsoft has apparently told executives at one of the world’s largest PC makers not to expect a formal release of Windows Vista SP1 — the first major set of upgrades and bug fixes to its Vista operating system — until 2009 at the earliest.” Source: No Vista SP1 Until 2009?

Look I do like Vista.  Okay on a system with only a gig of RAM it does get a tad sluggish, but at this point I don’t switching back to XP will be a fun thing.  However, there are bits in Vista that need to be improved.  Stuff like when using a flashdrive as a ReadyBoost cache, putting a laptop to sleep, and coming back up, there are serious delays.  Molasses in February pales in comparison.  After a few minutes it’s okay, but wow.

So a delay in SP1 is just not welcome news.  Sure putting more RAM into my machine will help a bit, but it doesn’t fix the underlying code issues.  Will this make Vista upgraders like me switch back, regardless of the downtime cost?  Come January it just might.  Heck when I get my laptop back (the AC adapter blew this weekend, so I had to send the whole bugger to Staple for the warranty repair) maybe I’ll be singing a different tune.

Beginning to think, after using multiple machines with XP this week, that maybe it’s worth the switching back cost…

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