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If you hate Word’s Reading mode … keep reading

by Tris Hussey on April 13th, 2007

While we’re all pretty much forced to use Word, there are some things that, I think, are universally hated about it.  Word’s Reading Mode has got to be #1 in my book.  Typically you “get into” reading mode when you open an attachment from e-mail.  Well the fix is easy:

While looking for a way to get rid of Word’s “Reading Layout” view, I found this article which discusses turning off quite a few annoying word features. Like most things, it’s definitely a personal call whether these are useful or annoying, but I’ll bet most people would agree with at least one or two of these.

The solution for the “Reading Layout” annoyance? Pretty simple:

Tools > Options > General tab > uncheck “Allow starting in Reading Layout.”

Source: Disable annoying MS Word features - Lifehacker

Now what else drives you nuts?  Me, the way styles jump if you delete paragraphs or pagebreaks.  Man.  Sometimes it makes me want to just switch to plain text!


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