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Warning: Office Life May Be Killling You

by Celine on January 24th, 2008

Some people have their dream jobs.

Unfortunately, you might not be one of those people. You might be content with what you have or you may be slowly withering away in that cubicle without knowing it. Below is a compilation of symptoms that can help you tell the difference between “I’m going to settle with this job - for now.” and “I need to get out of here!”.

1) You hate Mondays and look forward to Fridays. In fact, you may be counting down to the weekend.

2) You spend an increasing amount of time chatting up coworkers, checking email, and hanging out in social networks like Facebook or MySpace.

3) You avoid new projects like the plague. This includes ducking behind a folder when the boss is looking for volunteers during a meeting.

4) When dressing up for work, you wear clothes that have the same color as the office walls. Logic: so that people will leave you alone.

5) Whenever you wake up on a workday, your morning starts with a growl. Sometimes, it starts with crying.

6) You don’t get any rewards or compliments when you accomplish something.

7) You bookmark Monster or JobStreet ads that you’re interested in. You fantasize about sending in your resume.

8) When you have idle time, you daydream about what you’d rather be doing.

9) If there’s an ear within a two-foot radius, you start mouthing off complaints about your job. Never mind that the only ear around belongs to your cat.

10) Your reflexes are astounding when a supervisor suddenly pops in on you - it takes you only a nanosecond to hide that video game you’re playing.

11)You’ve maxed out all vacation leaves and sick leaves. (Even if you were never sick.)

12) You feel like a trapped mouse when your boss or coworkers add you on Facebook.

13)The thought of being laid off makes you smile. That is, until the reality of your finances set in.

14) The only time you ever worked hard on a project was when you wrote a 100 page proposal entitled “Why Telecommuting is Ideal for This Company”.

15) You are a religious reader of the following websites: Escape from Cubicle Nation, It Sure Beats Working, and I Hate Your Job. Also, you couldn’t care less on how you should pimp your work! (At least for your current job, anyway.)

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