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Zen-to-Done: A Simple Alternative to GTD

by Celine on December 18th, 2007

Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits is a popular productivity blog based on the principle of keeping things simple.  His blog and ideas are a breath of fresh air for those whose idea of productivity is buzzing around like a bee and surrounding oneself with as much tools as possible.  So far, Leo is best known for creating the Zen-to-Done (ZTD)  system.

Here’s a summary of what ZTD is all about: click here for a post from Zen Habits

ZTD is an answer to David Allen’s popular Getting Things Done (GTD) system of productivity.  GTD has its own flaws, as Leo noticed, so he decided to improve it.  Here’s a short description from his website:

Zen To Done takes some of the best aspects of a few popular productivity systems (GTD, Stephen Covey and others) and combines them with the mandate of simplicity. It makes things as simple as possible, and no more.

Zen To Done: The Simple Productivity Ebook is a comprehensive collection of the simple productivity tips and techniques developed and practiced by Leo himself.  Apart from the guide itself, the ebook also has resources, forms, and additional material that will help you get more productive - the zen way.



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Price: $9.50


Since it’s affordable, and I’ve been a big fan of Zen Habits for awhile now, I’m getting this as a gift for myself this Christmas.  I’m getting my mom a copy too - since she’s always too busy to take a little breather.


I’m going to implement some ZTD techniques more extensively in 2008.  Will let you know my progress.  I’ve found other productivity plans and techniques quite cumbersome, so maybe some of the ZTD concepts have the simplicity I need.


How about you? What productivity style do you use?  Do you have your own system or do you subscribe to an existing system such as GTD?  Share it in the comments!

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