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Zoho comes to Facebook…Facebook ready for business

by Tris Hussey on July 3rd, 2007

Just last week the question of whether Facebook could be used as a collaboration tool on the cheap.  Now Zoho has announced that it released a Facebook application to connect to its online office suite:

Also included in the release is a central control panel where users can manage all of their private and shared documents within Facebook. As Raju outlines in a blog post on Monday, Zoho plans to release a similar feature for its regular non-Facebook suite, bringing it closer to its main competitor, Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Google’s application suite has a centralized document management center for individuals and groups. Source: Compiler - Wired Blogs

Is this the last piece of the puzzle then?  Almost.  The one thing still bugging me is the perception that Facebook is for kids.  Maybe Facebook could launch a spin off service, same tools, same architecture, even same accounts, that gives a business-branded or more professional look and feel.  Maybe it’s the whole URL that turns me off.  I don’t know, but while I think Facebook has almost all the elements in place it’s still missing the credibility that it can support business and look “business”.

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