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Best Blog Articles — January 14, 2020

by Scot Herrick on January 14th, 2007

We love to read as well as write here at PYW. Often, we write about what other people are saying and extend the conversation. Other times we just wish we wrote the article in the first place and can do nothing but provide great kudos to our fellow business bloggers.

We’re handing out kudos here.

Every week, I’ll try and give you a good selection of what I consider to be the best blog articles I’ve read during the week - and if you have seen others, please put them into the comments so they can be shared with other readers here at PYW.

So ease yourself back into the work week by checking out great ideas and writing from people I admire out here in the blogosphere.

Here are this week’s selections:

Dave Lorenzo at the Career Intensity Blog gives out some great advice for would-be entrepreneurs: before you quit your day job, get a client. Job One for Entrepreneurs is good advice!

In a world where work on teams is spread throughout the planet, Web Worker Daily takes a look at how we can collaborate as a team without the face-to-face contact, the preferred method of collaboration. It’s a long article, but comprehensive in looking at collaboration. 10 ways to collaborate with other human beings without actually being there.

Nicolas Carr at Rough Type gives a thoughtful distinction between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in their approach to the marketplace based upon their presentations at the Consumer Electronics Show. Sure, there’s a lot of hype around the iPhone, but that isn’t what this post is all about. The essence: “Gates wants to sell platforms. Jobs just wants to make tools.” Steve’s devices. It will make you think.

If you’re a customer centric group looking for feedback from customers, Service Untitled has a good collection of feedback examples from companies. And a rating for them for the best feedback forms. Here are different ways to ask for feedback.

The power user tip of the week comes from PowerPoint Tips and Tutorials where Ellen provides you a step-by-step tutorial on Creating Bezier Curves in Power Point. Before this tutorial, I didn’t even know a Bezier curve existed!

Enjoy your week.

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