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Best Blog Articles — January 21, 2020

by Scot Herrick on January 21st, 2007

We love to read as well as write here at PYW. Often, we write about what other people are saying and extend the conversation. Other times we just wish we wrote the article in the first place and can do nothing but provide great kudos to our fellow business bloggers.

We’re handing out kudos here.

Every week, I’ll try and give you a good selection of what I consider to be the best blog articles I’ve read during the week - and if you have seen others, please put them into the comments so they can be shared with other readers here at PYW.

So ease yourself back into the work week by checking out great ideas and writing from people I admire out here in the blogosphere.

Here are this week’s selections:

I never procrastinate. However, many people do (OK…I hope you didn’t really believe that I don’t procrastinate…). GTD Wannabe provides a great personal list of how to fight the good fight against procrastination. My Procrastination Hacks.

Being “agile” in business is the latest buzz for getting things done in business. Michael Hugos in Doing Business in Real Time offers up the need for “implicit leadership” instead of “explicit leadership” — the kind we’re all seeing right now. But, if we’re all going to be agile, it requires a different style of leadership: Leadership for the Agile Organization.

Our interpersonal relationships are critical in our business and personal life. Over at the Blog Herald, Liz Strauss notes that at times “we get so busy that we forget the person on the other side of the conversation.” Black holes take on a new meaning when “people and stars are made of the same cosmic stuff.” The Universe of People, Black Holes, and Stars.

We’d all like to be rich…but what if we were? The truth is, we would still need to manage our money well — and a bunch of other things. Getting Finances Done went to lunch with a very wealthy person and came away with the eight ways to prepare to become a millionaire.

Finally, I enjoy photography…not the software work that comes from working with digital photos, but the composed picture taken in the moment. Doug Plummer produces a daily picture on his blog. In the middle of winter, a little pristine snow and shadows seems right for the moment. His pictures are consistently brilliant and puts my photographic skills into a complete state of pimpalicious envy.

Enjoy your week.


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