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February 21st, 2007

Good and Great

There is an interesting saying out there: the enemy of great is good.
I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time with that saying for a long time. After all, there are few things that anyone can be great at, but quite a few things that each of us can be good at.
And […]

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January 26th, 2007

Have you tried EverNote for note taking?

I saw an article on Wired about EverNote today.  The author waxes poetic about the new beta and the creator Stephan Pachikov.  Of course I’m a sucker for beta software and something that is supposed to help me get and stay organized.  Now EverNote is like MSFT’s One Note, except a lot cheaper (like free […]

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January 16th, 2007

Scrybe gets more polished with ThoughtPad

Although I still don’t have an invite into Scrybe, I still watch for it in the news.  DownloadSquad reports that Scrybe has added a new feature to their already powerful lineup of tools.

In Scrybe there is a Planner pane which contains your calendar and tasks, and now the ThoughtPad pane which contains web clippings, or […]

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December 15th, 2006

If MindManager isn’t for you, maybe try Freemind for mindmapping

Liz Strauss has a guest post from Grigor Ćorić on mindmapping.  Grigor recommends FreeMind as an alternative to commercial mindmapping tools.  Okay, I’ve tried FreeMind and I didn’t like it. I was spoiled already by MindManager from MindJet.  Hobie Swan introduced me to MindManager and gave me a license to use.  MindJet is also one […]

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December 8th, 2006

Innovation is Culture, not R&D

One of the myths out there in the business world is that high levels of research and development funding will produce innovative products. It turns out, this isn’t accurate.
My friend Liz, over at Successful Blog, picked up a great study done by Booz Allen Harrison (my “old skool” self wonders who Harrison is since in […]

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December 7th, 2006

Passion, but Keep Your Day Job

So let’s be clear: this Pimp is cynical of anything Corporate. In fact, working in a cube means it is management’s approach to the work and when you get to the nice panel office it is all about sacrificing for the corporation.
It was enlightening, then, to read about Pricewatershouse Coopers asking an old employee back […]

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December 1st, 2006

Innovation Culture

If you are a manager, how do you delegate work? Like, projects? Or strategies?
There are a couple of different approaches to the work that can be chosen. You can be a manager that explicitly lays out the steps that needs to be done and explain those steps to the individuals doing the work. There are […]

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