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Have you tried EverNote for note taking?

by Tris Hussey on January 26th, 2007

I saw an article on Wired about EverNote today.  The author waxes poetic about the new beta and the creator Stephan Pachikov.  Of course I’m a sucker for beta software and something that is supposed to help me get and stay organized.  Now EverNote is like MSFT’s One Note, except a lot cheaper (like free or $40 for the Pro version).  I haven’t played with it too much yet.  Just cleared out the starter notes and such.  I am intrigued how it might compare to taking notes in MindManager.  One thing I love about note taking in MM is exporting to Word in with a button click.  Works for everyone.  Of course the downside is that each meeting is a file and even my GyroQ Daily Capture is a separate file.  Which means stuff isn’t in one place, it’s in many.

EverNote (like One Note) stores everything in one place.  All notes are searchable.  EverNote uses a paper tape metaphor.  Just one long scrolling set of notes.  You can jump to dates or categories, of course.  One Note breaks things up a bit.  When I did use One Note for a while I had the problem of losing things because I couldn’t remember how I filed it.

The other side of taking notes is sharing notes.  That’s going to be my big question.  My partners in One By One Media sometimes aren’t too big on all the new toys I bring into the sandbox.  So I have to tread lightly there.

Have any of you used EverNote?  Tips?  Suggestions?  I’m really looking forward to trying EverNote for the Blackberry (which is supposed to be coming out soon).  Now that could be extremely powerful and useful!

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