WordPerfect Lightning Beta-I’ll take a pass

Tris Hussey | February 28th 2007 - 09:50
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I love note taking apps.  Sometimes you just want to jot something down.  So when I saw on Lifehacker a new note taking application from Corel, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

This note-management application includes four components: Navigator, a notebook-style document organizer; Viewer, which supports Word, WordPerfect and PDF documents; Notes, a basic word processor; and Connector, which links you to free online storage, calendaring, collaboration and e-mail.

At first blush, WordPerfect Lightning seems like little more than a glorified text editor. But it’s actually a pretty nifty tool for creating, organizing and sharing notes and documents. I particularly like the Take Snapshot to New Note function, which lets you “clip” anything on your screen just by drawing a box around it. The contents of that box immediately appear in a new note.
Source: Download of the Day: WordPerfect Lightning Beta (Windows) - Lifehacker

First problem with it is the sign up process to get the beta.  The installer would also like you to download (26 freakin’ megs) the WP Office trial too.  I took a pass on that.

I hadn’t gotten to trying it yet, then catching up on my feeds I saw TDavid’s post on it.  Well, he took a pass too.  He stopped at the install process.  This peaked my interest.  I saw another post, sorry can’t remember where I saw it, talking about a bad UI and such.  Okay, enough reading time for trying.

Yeah, it’s bad.  Not intuative to me.  Not only that, but any note taking app needs to stay running in the status bar, not the task bar.  You should be able to click and start a note, not click and have another window come up.  I also think it’s a tad of overkill to have all the text editing functions in it.  Note taking apps need to be simple, clean and straight forward.  Ever for a beta, this app is way off the mark.

So, I’ve downloaded the latest beta of Evernote 2.  I hadn’t reinstalled it since the whole XP-Vista thing.  Well, right after this post, I’m installing it.  Evernote has what it takes to be a great note taking app.  In fact I have to be in a class tomorrow.  Might not be the type of class where taking notes on a computer is going to be common, but I might just be my geeky self and do it anyway.

Geek pride baby!

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