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Even if you don’t have Vista, you have to check out these wallpapers

by Tris Hussey on February 27th, 2007

It might seem a little superfluous to go looking for wallpapers for your machine, but really, if you’re staring at the thing all day you should have something nice to look at.  I change my wallpapers pretty often.  Movies, nice pictures, geek babes, whatever I’m in the mood for (I had Trinty from the Matrix for a while, and Rouge from X3, V for Vendetta … lots of stuff).  Vista comes with some awesome wallpapers.  Stunning, stunning images.  Even versions scaled for widescreen laptops like mine.  Hamad Darwish has some of his work used for Vista when it launched, well I found on Connected Internet today that Hamad is offering a ton more for download.

One of the beautiful features of Windows Vista are the fantastic wallpapers.

The Photographer, Hamad Darwish submitted many photos to Microsoft when they were selecting the default Vista Wallpapers.
Source: Download Additional Windows Vista Wallpapers | Connected Internet

You have to check these out.  I’ve got a nice beach scene right now that is just so nice to look at.  I had trouble choosing which one to use first!  I hope these work for lots of folks because the images are just so amazing.

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