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Could Ubuntu replace Vista?

by Tris Hussey on April 27th, 2007

That’s the premise of an article on InformationWeek’s site.  Do a head-to-head Unbuntu 7.0.4 (Feisty Fawn) vs Vista.  Install, applications, basic stuff we all do.

The test covered three different kinds of machines from a laptop to a desktop to a VM install.  Bottom line?  Ubuntu was close, but …

There is always that “but” isn’t there?  I’ve had the same debate with myself.  Heck I even Twittered it.  I went as far as downloading Ubuntu, thinking maybe a dual boot Vista-Ubuntu would be cool.  The bottom line came down to, why?

What is there so cool about Ubuntu that I would risk wrecking (again) my Vista install?  This is my work machine afterall.  If I f*ck it up, I have to get it back up and running asap.  Believe me, that’s no fun.  Especially when friends and girlfriends wonder why you did it in the first place (your machine was working great … why did you mess with it?  because I’m a geek of course).

So if you’re thinking of trying Ubuntu instead of upgrading to Vista … think long and hard about it.  Ubuntu is cool and it is easier than past Linux installs, but there is still a geeky factor to deal with (like compiling applications … like I’m going to compile an app to use it … not).

Linux ready for mom and grandma?  Almost, but not quite.  Do you really want to have to tell them how to execute a command in a UNIX/Linux terminal window over the phone?  I didn’t think so.


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1 opinion for Could Ubuntu replace Vista?

  • sircam
    May 12, 2020 at 6:53 am

    Well, I have the same feeling. There’s always a small something missing. Vista doesn’t look as cool as Ubuntu and lacks interface consistency and ergonomics.

    Vista, like XP, works and does the job. Sadly, with very poor application integration, but it works.

    However… Ubuntu is so gorgeous… See that Beryl stuff, compare to the cheap effects requiring insane GPU with Aero…

    Oh yes, I’m definitely going to risk my Vista install.

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