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How to have a more productive commute

by Celine on October 31st, 2007

Over at Property Crossroads, Dan Rafter made an interesting post about how more people want access to public transportation. People want communities that are planned in such a way that they can easily commute. Now, I live in a 3rd world country where commuting is akin to riding a bus to hell because of the traffic and the possibility of being mugged. Plus, once, a rooster flew into my face. But I digress.
So, for the street savvy commuter, instead of just sitting on your behind during the commute isn’t exactly productive is it? Well, here are some ways you can take make better use of your commuting time:

 Use the time to learn something.  Whether you’re listening to a podcast or an audio book, or you’re reading a useful magazine, you can transform your dull commuting time into something educational.  The material doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with work, it can be about financial advice, how to start your own business, or other topics you’re interested in but usually don’t have the time to pursue.  Check out this podcast directory if you need something else besides Britney Spears’ new album on your iPod.

Organize your day.  If you’re starting your day, it helps to start looking at your to-do list, optimizing it, and making sure you have everything right before you get to the office.

Brainstorm.  You can start thinking of new ideas or projects while you’re commuting. Want a new water cooler in your far-flung region of the office?  Write that down.  How about that presentation you’re working on, do you have any ideas to spice it up?  If there’s anything you can brainstorm on while you’re riding that train, bus, or wheelbarrow, brainstorm all the way and make notes.  These ideas might come in handy.

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1 opinion for How to have a more productive commute

  • Li Yang
    Oct 31, 2020 at 11:37 pm

    When I was in college, I had to take a bus because my home was far away. I read a lot of advanced programming books during those 1:30-long boring trips. I dare say it enriched my knowledge but harmed my eyesight.

    iPod makes my life easier because I can listen to some wonderful lessons instead of reading. It makes these 15 minutes walkings between home and home real fun.

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