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LaptopLock-free, basic protection for our laptop

by Tris Hussey on May 14th, 2007

Do you worry about your laptop getting stolen when you’re out and about?  LaptopLock might be a good solution:

Don’t let the creep who stole your computer paw through your private files, passwords and personal information. Free data protection and computer recovery service LaptopLock can keep sensitive files safe and prevent identity theft or worse after your computer’s been lifted.

As soon as you report your computer stolen on their web site, the free Windows-only LaptopLock agent can wipe sensitive files into oblivion, encrypt files, launch programs, track IP addresses, or even send messages to the thief. Read on to see how.
Source: Hack Attack: Secure your laptop with the LaptopLock - Lifehacker

I just went through the sign up, install, configure procedure and it took me about 5 minutes.  As Lifehacker notes, the software can be uninstalled and such, but … if your laptop has been stolen, being able to report it stolen and have files be securely wiped remotely … that’s pretty cool.

Since I have Carbonite protecting my files, I have no qualms about doing a secure wipe.  BTW, when selecting files to wipe, don’t forget your user data, that’s where passwords and such are.


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