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Make some cool buttons to jazz up your presentations and websites

by Tris Hussey on July 9th, 2007

 There is nothing like nice graphics to make a presentation or website pop.  Sometimes, however, making those graphics is a real challenge.  When I wanted spiffy glassy or 3D buttons I would open Photoshop and start with one of my many plugins and tricks I had learned.  That was then, this is now.  Now I don’t have Photoshop.  So what do I do?  Find online alternative, of course!

This online service let’s you create shiny buttons to look just the way it’s “cool” now. Each part of the button is customizable, including the size, background, all colors and roundness of your unique piece. It’s good to set rendering speed to “zippy” for preview and “wicked slow” for the final rendering. At the end you simply download the result as a zip that includes jpg, png and gif files. When putting the button on a website it looks best along with a hover effect achieved by using CSS. Source: Glassy buttons without touching Photoshop

I made these buttons this morning:



So the purple one would be the standard and flip to green on hover.  If you’re put

ting these into PowerPoint, then you only need one.  If you’re making these for a website, then you’ll use the handy CSS tricks to make it all work.

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