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Networking with Jason Alba: Part II

by Scot Herrick on January 23rd, 2007

Yesterday, I started the first in a series of questions with Jason Alba, of JibberJobber.com, an Internet software Career Toolset that helps people manage their relationships. The first question was “What are the 3-5 incorrect perceptions about networking?”

In today’s edition, we’ll take a look at the second question:

I’m starting at “ground zero” in terms of networking. What are the first action items I should do to start building a network?

The first thing I would do is read a book on networking. I recommend Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone or Thom Singer’s Some Assembly Required. It really helps to get an expert adjustment on what networking is and isn’t, examples of tactics, and proper motivation, etc.

The second thing is to sit down and brainstorm. Write down people’s names. Don’t think about their value to your network (often I misjudge their value anyway), just start putting people’s names down. After about 10 minutes you should have dozens of names. This is a great start!

Next, create a plan to communicate to these people. What is the purpose with each person? To strengthen or revive the relationship? To ask them “who do you know that works in the banking industry?” You’ll start with each person in a different place – once you understand where you need to start, and where you want to go, reach out to them and begin working on the relationship! (tip: think about how YOU can help THEM. Relationships are a two-way street and its essential that these people know that you want to help them, and aren’t just out to receive from them.)

A Pimpalicious addition:

I try and have a personal e-mail address for each person I want to continue to have a relationship with. The personal e-mail transcends where the person is working and, to me, tells the person the relationship is about them and not where they work. Because it is.

Check out JibberJobber.com and Jason’s JibberJobber blog and we’ll get the next question tomorrow; same time, same place.

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