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Pimping Bookmarks: How to Dress for Success

by Celine on March 29th, 2008


If you find yourself going mad in the morning trying to pick out the best outfit for your workday, or if you think you simply need to update your wardrobe, here are some articles that will help you pick out the best outfits for the office:

Here are some ideas to organize your closet from AskMen.

Cracking the Business Casual Dress Code from Monster.com and A Business Casual Dress Code by Susan M. Heathfield.

How NOT to Dress for Work from USAToday.com

BizChicksRule featured some videos about professional business clothes for women.

Also some tips on how to dress for work when pregnant from eHow.

Photo Credit: Image from Celine Roque  from Blue Rabbit Media

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