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Quick! I need some graph paper!

by Tris Hussey on October 16th, 2006

Once and a while you just need a piece of graph paper.  No? Okay how about a Suduko page?  Ah, yes.  Regardless, occasionally you need something like graph paper, sheet music, or even a storyboard blank.  If you use these kinds of things often you have pads of them, but for the rest of us, not so much. I found via LifeHacker a cool website that creates and lets you print PDFs of all these kinds of paper and more!  PDFPad lets you have all these kinds of sheets at your fingertips.

I printed out a sheet of graph paper last night and I was impressed with the output.  Nothing you’d use for serious work, but if you just need a quick room plan, chart, etc … it will do just fine.  Probably more than fine.  You can, of course, save frequently needed sheets to your drive to just pull up as needed.

PDFPad reminds me of one of my other favourite print from the Net sites, PocketMod.  PocketMod is a Flash-based tool that lets you create these little foldable booklets that can have a myriad of uses.  Quick notes, music, yes even Suduko.  I used to carry one around for notes, but got out of the habit.  Since these are simple paper they can be recycled when you’re done and even printed on the backsides of paper you’ve already printed on once.

Give these a try.  I’m sure you’ll like these.

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