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Save some time and money with desktop video conferencing

by Tris Hussey on June 29th, 2007

It used to be that desktop video conferencing was like decaf coffee that tastes good-a complete oxymoron.  Times have changed.  Better web cams, faster machines, USB 2.0, and better codecs for audio and video have made it a good option.  Oovoo looks like an interesting download to try:

Video Conferencing might not be that interesting to most of my regular readers but I know that some of them actively use it for the business they run. The free video conferencing software ooVoo offers several elements that most, if not all, free softwares of that kind do not offer. Source: Free Video Conferencing with ooVoo

Yes, Skype, MSN, and Yahoo IM can all do video conferencing too, but they are limited in the number of people who can be involved at the same time.  Oovoo claims to be able to have six people conferencing together.  The key to all this will be if one person’s bandwidth will affect everyone (like if the host of a Skype conference drops off the whole thing dies).

Oovoo is on my list to download and try for next week.  If anyone would like to try it out with me (that is the problem with these apps-you need several people to test it fully) leave a comment here.

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