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SlideShare let’s you put presentations online

by Tris Hussey on October 4th, 2006

Caught on Techcrunch this morning a new service called SlideShare (blog is here) that looks like an interesting solution for hosting PowerPoint slides online, kinda like YouTube.  The service is in limited access beta so I can’t give you a review at this time, but I did request a login so I hope to have that soon.

The interface looks pretty interesting and the blog has a couple of examples and suggested uses.  Following the comment thread on Techcrunch, though, there are questions about what you’d share (at this time everything is public) and, more worrisome, who owns the content once it hits their servers (the terms of service reads like Slideshare will claim ownership).  I think if you have something like your presentation at a conference, that might be good to put up.  Maybe general information (products example) that isn’t confidential or proprietary would be good.

I think I’ll have a better sense of this new service once I get to bang on it a bit.  It certainly would not be good for sales presentations or a limited-access webconference.  At, least at first look, first blush.

I’ll keep you posted.

Update: Just after I posted this article I got my invite.  I haven’t had time to play with it, but I have to say it looks interesting.  Kinda like YouTube for PowerPoint.  Not sure I’d go surfing around for the best and coolest PowerPoint slides, but it still could be a great way to share the slides from your presentation.

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