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Week’s Best of Traditional Media - October 14, 2020

by Scot Herrick on October 14th, 2006

Do you read a lot keeping up with your industry, your work, and your life’s passions?

We do. We like to read and research, of course, but we also read to find the best products, tips, tricks, and pimpalicious treats to share with you in our writing.

This weekly post is one where I pick the best “traditional media” (read: magazine, newspaper, TV, cable) article or series of articles that made me sit back and wonder why I didn’t write that. Agree, or not, it’s OK. Does the article make you think in a different way? Success!

The coffee’s hot; perhaps the additions to the coffee move it up a notch. Put your feet up, kick back and enjoy some electronic wonder from PYW.

This weeks traditional media article is from Forbes and is called Do You Hate Your Job?

In the article, the top reason for leaving your job: having a difficult manager.

People stay at jobs they don’t like for a variety of reasons: location, friends at work, or cash and benefits.

Best Pimp Tip from the article:

Divide how you perceive you work into two categories: modifiable and nonmodifiable.

The modifiable categories include discrepancies in pay or promotions (you can attempt to negotiate), problem co-workers (talk to the boss so you don’t work with the person anymore) and individual policies or even job tasks (ask if you can take on different responsibilities that match your interests).

The nonmodifiable aspects include the speed at which things happen at the company and office politics.

Then compare what you can modify and what you can’t and make a decision to stay or leave.

The article is a little light on specifics, but the division of what you can control and influence at work versus what you can’t put this one into the best pick for the week.

Enjoy your weekend.

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