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Pimp Your Work

Contracts Pimp Your Work?

by Scot Herrick on February 22nd, 2007

One of the principles of contract workers is exactly that: the contract. The contract governs the relationship between the person, the project, and the company for the work being done.

Contracts, of course, are two-way streets when it comes to the relationship with the company paying your for the work. You can request what you want (one pound of M&M’s per day delivered to your desk) and the company can request what they need. Both sides agree and if M&M’s is your sticking point and the company agrees to provide them to you, you’ve got a contract.

Workers without a contract are subject to the whims of the company needs — and the company is subject to your whims about staying or leaving. Without the contract in place, unstated assumptions exist between companies and their workers.

My question is simple: should we try and Pimp our Work by having contractual arrangements with our company?

A purple hat tip to Contract Worker and the post The Importance of Being Earnest…About Your Agreements.

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