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Firefox Add-ons: All You Need To Know

by Tris Hussey on June 19th, 2007

I am a begrudging Firefox user.  IE was driving me nuts as I opened more and more tabs.  I do still think Maxthon is da bomb, but sometimes not being able to use an IE plugin I want/need gets old.  So Firefox it is.  One thing Firefox is well-known for is its extensions.  You can go seriously nuts with extensions and the more you have the more memory Firefox will take up, btw.  Read/Write Web has a list of awesome plugins to check out:

Firefox is a browser that can be extended and enhanced in many ways - chief among those being Add-ons, which give you more functionality or perhaps just a new theme. In fact sometimes they give you a full-blown web app, like Yoono, BlogRovr or Trailfire. We’ve written about Firefox add-ons a number of times on Read/WriteWeb, so in this post we’ll review some of the neat things you can do with Firefox add-ons. Source: Firefox Add-ons: All You Need To Know

Me I use the Google toolbar all the time.  Others?  Eh, now and then.  I’m still waiting for the most awesomest plugin that makes me go bonkers and saves me hours a day.

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