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How to Use Twitter Productively

by Celine on April 28th, 2008

It’s easy to get addicted to social networks, and this is why many employers frown on them and ban them from company servers. However, with a bit of practice, even the biggest time waster can be converted into a productivity tool. Yes, even Twitter (add me here). Here are some ways to do it:

Record tasks as you are working on them. So you know how long some tasks take. This only works if you’re posting honest tweets.

Send reminders to contacts. If you don’t want the long conversations that instant messaging tends to generate, send a quick note to your contacts via Twitter.

Pitch to someone. This is the Twitter version of an elevator pitch, and the cutesy name for it is “twitpitch”. Click here to read more about it.

Use it for communication. It can be much faster than email, and if you’re just going to say a one-sentence message to a big group of people with active Twitter accounts, why not just send it via Twitter?

Get quick feedback.
It’s very easy to reply to tweets, especially if you’re asking for feedback for a particular idea.

What do you use Twitter for? Do you find it’s a useful communication tool or just a waste of your time?

Photo Credit: Image by Celine Roque from Blue Rabbit Media

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