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If you’ve ever tried to burn CDs or DVDs-read these tips

by Tris Hussey on April 30th, 2007

How many coasters do you have?  No, I don’t mean those things you buy to protect your coffee table, I mean CDs or DVDs that didn’t burn right so they are useless (essentially becoming coasters).

I have tons.  In fact I keep finding them as I pack to move.  Bad CDs and DVDs, btw, aren’t recyclable which is a major drawback to them.  The tips from CrunchGear are actually very easy:

1. Use good media.

2. Go direct.

3. Check your files.

4. Keep it in a case.

5. Right hardware for the job.

I’d also add … reduce the number of things you’re doing on your machine.  I recently burned a couple music cds and when I played them … ugh.  Stutters, skips, chops.  Why?  Because I was sending and receiving e-mails, surfing and all kinds of other stuff at the same time.  So when my machine got bogged down … the CD burn made an error.  Now, that was just some tunes for the car, no big deal, but if this is an important backup or files for a client or a master to be duplicated, you don’t want errors and you don’t want to keep making coasters (or worse think you have a good burn and find out it’s a coaster when your client gets it!).  So, for the like 15 mins (or less) it’s going to take, shut down your e-mail, close the browser, and just leave your machine be.


1 opinion for If you’ve ever tried to burn CDs or DVDs-read these tips

  • getsheila
    Apr 30, 2020 at 11:20 pm

    Hm, now I am wondering what the shredder guys do with the box of media recycling (disks, CDs, & DVDs) we give them every few months. All this time I thought they recycled them!

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