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Make snoopers guess how to login on Vista

by Tris Hussey on March 30th, 2007

If you go to a lot of conferences you’ll notice that often people leave their machines at their seats when they go for lunch, etc.  At one conference I went to last year someone reminded us all that, even if your machine isn’t stolen, leaving it open like that might not be a good idea.

I put a password on my account, and removed it when I got home.  Right now I have a password on my Vista account.  Not really for security per se, but you know if I am working in a cafe (even with it locked with a cable) I don’t want people snooping when I need to take a break.  This tip from Windows fanatics takes it one step farther:

There are many small steps you can take to secure your computer. One way is to configure your computer so it does not display the username of the last user to log on. This way if someone wants to attempt to log on as you, not only do they have to figure out your password but they also have to figure out the correct username
Source: Prevent Last Logon Name From Being Displayed In Vista ~ Windows Fanatics

Well, of course there are ways to hack in.  I have my personal arsenal for tools for when friends lock themselves out of their machines (it’s happened so that’s why I have them).  But a little extra security is good.  Will I be doing this?  Eh, not likely.  Well not at the moment.


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