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Scrapblog: a cool new tool that inspires something more

by Tris Hussey on April 3rd, 2007

 My friend Shel Israel pinged me and a bunch of other bloggers about his client Scrapblog and how they were ready to take the wraps off their creation.

I finally got around to checking it out and it is cool.  Basically it is an easy way to create a single page scrapbook page that can be posted on your blog.  So why am I writing about this here?  How does creating a page about a party or road trip “pimp your work”.  It doesn’t, really.  Okay maybe if you had an awesome party at work and wanted to post pictures about it, but what hit me last night was the potential that this tool has.

Go play with it.  Add some pictures, graphics, text, whatever.  Now think about newsletters.  Think about promotional materials.  Think about the stuff that you need to do once and a while, but often have to outsource because you don’t have the tools on hand.

What if you could just go to a “two page product brochure” template and fill in stuff, save it to PDF or something and print it or publish it?  What about the dreaded “tri-fold brochure”?  I’m sure there might be other sites that let you do this, but you know Scrapblog has really got something going on.  I think the potential goes far beyond pictures and thought bubbles.  And I think we’re not going to have to wait long before we see it in reality.


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