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Software Review: SSuite Office, Fifth Element

by Celine on July 31st, 2008

The SSuite Office prides itself with the Fifth Element, a free premium office suite which can run on all Windows OS and hardware platforms. The suite offers 30 applications for web browsing, e-mail, image manipulation, network programs, multimedia applications, all designed to run on computers even with minimal specs.

Download and installation is a breeze. A menu will be created that groups the applications based on what they focus on. Though the browser was easy to use, it certainly lacked features when compared to other free browsers out there. It also had several problems opening some web pages.

Strangely, the suite offers 2 word processing programs which roughly do the same thing. The included imaging software is bare bones offering no more than the basic image functions.

For an office suite, one major flaw is the lack of a presentation software. There were also programs that just don’t fit in an office suite. If you are in need of an office suite and computer specs is a serious consideration, you may benefit from the Fifth Element. Otherwise, you may want to check out other free office suites, or download your needed applications a la carte, since individual programs might perform better.
SSuite Office’s Fifth Element is compatible with all Windows OS and hardware platforms.

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  • Carl Parkes
    Aug 1, 2020 at 4:57 pm

    Congrats and good luck on your new volunteer job with Rolf and his Vagablogging. I met R many years ago and first noticed his excellent writing on Salon, well before anyone else seemed to notice. I’m also a travel writer with a travel blog about SE Asia, including posts about your home country, the Philippines, and I’m author of Philippines Handbook from Moon Publications.



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