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Tip for installing software-be patient

by Tris Hussey on January 22nd, 2007

Okay Office 2007 took a long time to install.  It was an upgrade after all, so I’m not too surprised with the length.  While it was installing I took a break from the computer for a while and would check back on it once and a while.  Man this is sure taking a while … more than a few times I thought the install had stalled and I was going to need to cancel it (sometimes this isn’t a good idea, like with Office installs).  Which reminded me of the big software install maxim: patience.  You just have to wait.  I can’t count how many times I’ve thought an install has gone south and just before I killed it, something happened.

Part of the problem, of course, is sitting there staring at the screen.  That will always make it seem to take forever.  The other side is that software makers don’t do a great job at letting you know that all is well, something really is going on.

For the Office install, because there wasn’t a good indication that anything was going on, I looked at my HD light.  Was there drive activity?  Yes.  Okay … come back later.

What can happen if you abort an install?  Well, sometimes, nothing.  The installer will roll-back changes and you’re good.  Sometimes, like with Office installs, the original install is corrupted and the new install is borked and you have to spend time cleaning up before you can try installing again.

Trust me, be really sure before you cancel.



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