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Web apps will make the iPhone the killer business phone

by Tris Hussey on June 28th, 2007

Yesterday I panned the iPhone for business folks, at least for now, but with the announcement of “iZoho” today maybe I could be wrong.  Read/Write Web has this to say:

Conclusion: Watch out Blackberry!

In response to a question from Simon Leyland about business use of the iPhone in our previous post, a commenter named Dan responded:

“Simon, I am not sure that iPhones will be less desirable than Blackberry’s to the Enterprise. The Exec. and outside sales teams seem to be ideal for browser-based apps that get them their data. Why not? I have been using a Blackberry for years and ready to try something new. I would love to get at my data from a smaller device than a laptop. But I may be the exception to the rule.”

I think Dan is right and there will be demand from businesses for the iPhone, despite the higher price. The iPhone has better Web support than the Blackberry and by all accounts is easier to use (although we won’t know for sure till Friday). What do you think - will there be demand in the enterprise for the iPhone? How will this affect Blackberry? Source: Office Apps on the iPhone: iPhone vs Blackberry

However…the iPhone, even with WiFi, is hobbled by its wimpy data connection through At&T.  Until AT&T/Apple improve that aspect web apps won’t be peppy enough for “real work”.  However with all the powerful web apps out there and many folks saying that the web browser on the iPhone has the best browser on a mobile phone, RIM could have a run for its money.

Again, we won’t really know until people get their hands on them and we see if the hype meets expectations.

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