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Freeware, get your freeware here!

by Tris Hussey on March 27th, 2007

Okay not, here, but gHacks has a great list of tools to check out:

The following list contains the essential utilities that stick out from this list and made a impact on my daily life. Many have been discussed wide and far here on ghacks and I received some valuable information and tips from my readers about them and similar tools. I tried to list only tools that are not that common, therefor you won’t find Firefox, Thunderbird and Open Office in this list. (Every other list has them included)
Source: 20 essential Freeware and Open Source programs » gHacks tech news

You know the coolest thing is that I’ve only heard of one of them.  Why is this cool?  Because I love finding new stuff.  You never know when you might need something to edit a movie or tweak Windows or whatever.

I haven’t checked them out yet, well, because I’m still trying to catch up from a week of illness.  So if you think my posts lack a certain punch, well it’s because I’m running a tad low in that department.  Don’t even suggest have a coffee and get to it.  I went to my favourite coffee place today and I might as well have been drinking dishwater.

So, while the horse pills I got today from the doc start to kick in, you’re just going to have to bear with me.  Or not, your call.


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