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Laser printers give off micro-particles that are bad for your health

by Tris Hussey on August 1st, 2007

This is not a headline you want to read after unboxing your new home laser printer:Study: Laser printers may pose health risks | CNET News.com.  Here is something from the Grasshoppers blog (which I encourage readers to join):

The laser printer problem was found accidentally while doing tests on office ventilation systems, where they discovered five times as many particles indoors as was produced by traffic outdoors. Using an electronic sniffer they traced the emissions to office laser printers and found that emission levels continued to rise throughout the day even while the laser printers where idle.

With the cost of laser printers dropping, and the cost of ink jet cartridges being perpetually over priced, more and more people are bring laser printing to into the home. I’d say its time to test the small office home office level machines as well. Source: Beware of Second Hand Laser Printer Emissions - grasshoppers

I couldn’t decide if this was a post for PYW or Homely Scientist … right now the problem is in the “learning and investigation stage”-as in we know it’s a problem, fixing it is another matter.  Micro-particles in the air are very problematic.  They are breathed deep in to the lungs, but don’t come back out.  Often they are angular so the stick into the flesh of the lungs.  Then there is the question of the composition of the bits.  What does toner do to the body?

Personally I have a home laser printer after seeing that for $100 I could buy new ink cartridges for my inkjet or a home laser printer-new.  Yeah, laser printer.

I guess the only thing that can be done is to turn the buggers off when not needed and maybe a HEPA air filter.

Stumped I am.

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