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Office 2007 compatibility pack released-at 28 megs!

by Tris Hussey on June 18th, 2007

I jumped on the Office 2007 bandwagon pretty early.  Not right away, but I knew I would like it from the early betas.  One problem, though, is that Office 2007 started using XML-based format.  Great for Office 2007 users (the file sizes are much smaller), bad if you work with the rest of the world since most folks don’t have Office 2007 and corporate users might not have it for a really long time.  It’s good news then that Microsoft has released the MS Office Compatibility Pack:

The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack which has a size of nearly 28 megabytes is adding support for the new Office formats to computers that run previous versions of Microsoft Office. Just download and install the Compatibility Pack to make sure that you can read those file formats. Source: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack (gHacks)

You catch that first bit?  Twenty-eight megs!  Jeez!  That alone is going to keep this out of the mainstream!  I know lots of folks on previous-and perfectly decent-versions of MS Office who aren’t going to download this.  Why bother?  Why not just save as good old .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc?  Exactly.

This is one of those real work pimps, figure out what your common file format will be and stick to it.  Yeah you might be the geek of the group, but others aren’t.  Making people download compatibility packs and such because you won’t do a Save As… is lame.

I like sending final documents in PDF myself (and since you can do this right from Word, etc in Office 2007, it’s even easier).  For stuff to be edited, it’s gotta be .doc.  Online or off…still .doc.

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