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Resistance is futile: Attraction

by Scot Herrick on February 14th, 2007

Since it is Valentine’s Day, I thought it would make a bit more sense to talk about “attraction” today than “resistance.” Have to go with the flow, you know, here on Pimp Your Work!

Over time, no matter how strong your passion about your work, your life, or your mate, resistance will start to build and begin to repel you from the very thing you are passionate about.

It’s simple stuff that starts to get in the way - your communication with coworkers, your new manager, your company’s changed policies, and lots of other things.

When you notice the passion leaving the building, it’s time to take stock of a few things to get you back on track:

  • Define what attracts you to the work in the first place.
  • Define what the highest level of attraction is to the work.
  • Determine what areas of the work are giving you the most grief right now.

Defining those things will clearly show you the gap between what attracted you to the work and what is the start of preventing you from being as passionate about the work as you were.

Once you see the gaps, do the work to get rid of what is preventing you from being attracted to the work. Once that is complete, do the whole process again. The first pass, after all, just got rid of a lot of the big stuff. There will be a lot more there that needs work.

Make it your objective to get to “attraction.” Attraction will drive your passion.

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