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Tips for working in a cafe … sometimes you need to escape to work

by Tris Hussey on November 2nd, 2006

Angela Randall knows how to get things done.  She reminds all of us that sometimes escaping to the local (WiFi enabled of course) cafe can be just the thing you need to get some work done.  Might seem nuts, but if you work at home especially just a change of scenery can do wonders, not to mention let you focus a bit.  I think even office workers can benefit from this.  Need to just get that editing done?  Finish that PPT?  Just fine your favourite cafe, order a nice coffee (I prefer the double Americano, myself), and get to work.  Here is Angela’s perspective:

Well, okay. What if you’ve tried all that, but the distractions are just getting too much? Maybe you need a place to work that is outside of the home. Somewhere that is purely a workspace to you. These days there is so much you can achieve using a laptop, mobile phone and an occasional meeting space. So, a quiet café or pub does seem like the perfect option. As long as you keep buying the food and coffee they shouldn’t have a huge problem with you being there. PSFK has written a quick article giving advice for people who want to work from the third place. Working in a café also gets you out and about so you are more likely to talk to people about what you are working on. This keeps that PR machine quietly switched on and is great for business because you never know who you will meet out there. Another lucky side effect of working from a cafe is that your brain will subliminally be relaxed and happy that it just spent a luxurious afternoon in a café. Great!

PSFK has these crucial tips to make sure you’re always welcome at the cafe, work effectively, and don’t royally piss people off:

  • Tip big and eat often.
  • Take calls outside.
  • Don’t be a hog.
  • Careful who you trust.
  • Keep your eyes to yourself.
  •  All electrical outlets are fair game.
  • Come loaded for meters.

I would also add watch your WiFi connection.  Yes, I know that WiFi security isn’t on top of everyone’s mind, but if I’m working in a cafe I’d probably launch the Windows Live WiFi Center Beta to secure my connection through the included VPN.  That, however is a topic for another post, but I have some initial thoughts from a while back on my personal blog.

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