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Trying FeedDemom again-new shared items feed

by Tris Hussey on May 26th, 2007

I don’t know what it is with me and RSS readers. I seem to switch every few months. I’ve been Google Reader for a while and would still recommend it for new users but…

But well, I just have to wonder if I’m missing out on something. I’m a restless RSS soul I guess. The newest version of FeedDemon , 2.5 out yesterday in fact, let’s you share the contents of your “News Bin” via Newsgator Online. Sounds like a kick, so here it goes-here’s a basic one I call “read later“. Not really accurate, since if I’m sharing it with you I’ve read or skimmed enough of it to think you might like to read it. What I think is an interesting feature, and expansion of the shared items list, is that each newsbin can be synced and shared individually. This means you might not like my Read later feed, but you might like my Bloggable list, PYW list, or Science list.

For those of you wondering the PYW connection to this, well obviously in this model, like having special del.icio.us tags, you can share information tailored to a specific audience. Since all of these shared items are public, using them for competitive intel isn’t a good idea, but you can share industry news and other items of interest with friends.

The benefit to you is that you might be able to reduce the number of feeds you read, of course if you keep finding cool new blogs and news sources from your friends-well then you’ll be like me with 400+ feeds.

And BTW, WebWorkerDaily is doing an online RSS reader shoot-out review. I stupidly checked “don’t ask me again” when prompted to try the Newsgator online AJAX version. Darn, have to see if I can switch to it from classic.

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