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Business Blogs Launch Round II

by Scot Herrick on November 28th, 2006

b5media has launched round two of business blogs that are part of the network, as is Pimp Your Work.

This is very exciting for us here at Pimp Your Work as the business blogs come on line. Great information in specific areas to help a broad range of people in their work.

The official announcement from the b5media blog:

It was just two weeks ago (exactly) that we launched the first round of blogs in the b5media Business Channel. Now, we are ready for Round II and we are excited to officially launch the following blogs:

  • Brandcurve: all about branding in today’s changing world.
  • Common Sense PR: a blog about business communications in the real world.
  • Contract Worker: resources, tips, tricks, and information for freelancers and other contract workers looking to make a living on their own.
  • Property Crossroads: all about real estate for businesses and individuals.
  • Small Business Boomers: a business blog, targeted especially at people age 55 and over.
  • Startup Spark: a blog on entrepreneurship that “sparks startups with advice, inspiration, and a bit of craziness.”

We would also like to welcome the following blogs that are joining the Business Channel from other channels within b5media:

  • Just Make Money Online: We like to thank of the title as self-explanatory.
  • Leadership Turn: strategies, tips, and tricks for leadership, speaking, and more.
  • Successful Blog: A blog about a little bit of everything from business strategies to writing, as well as host of the infamous “Open Mic Night” every Tuesday at 8:00 PM ET.

Again, we’d like to issue a word of thanks to our bloggers and people working behind the scenes for making this launch possible. We have plans to launch quite a few more business blogs over the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

What a great group of business blogs to learn from. Welcome!

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