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Archive for the ‘Excel’ Category

February 15th, 2007

Stuck creating a document? Try using a template

So you need to create a new document.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint (or even OpenOffice), looking at a blank screen is almost as daunting as getting the document done.
Now, when you make this a complex task, like a form letter or invoice, you can waste a lot of […]

By Tris Hussey -- 0 comments

November 22nd, 2006

Thanksgiving Checklist

Last year, following the Getting Things Done methodology, I thought I would document “what” we did “when” for Thanksgiving so as to save ourselves some time this year for the eating event of the year.
I wasn’t alone.
Somewhere out there in the Blogosphere, an Excel spreadsheet was developed that provided the dish to be prepared in […]

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October 4th, 2006

Excel, a most under used application. Tips that you can use, Auto-filtering

Okay, I’ve got this Excel series going in full swing now.  Last night (yawn) I talked about sorting.  Okay, okay sorting multiple columns isn’t very exciting or sexy (I guess it might depend on what you’re sorting) and you might be thinking, oh that’s so yesterday.  Fine.  How about Auto-filtering?
Got your attention now?  Yep, Auto-filtering […]

By Tris Hussey -- 1 comment

October 3rd, 2006

Excel, a most under used application. Tips that you can use, the series

Ah, MS Excel.  I remember when it first came out … on the Mac BTW.  Spreadsheets are pretty boring, some say, but we seem to use them a lot in our daily business life.  The thing is about Excel is that is it such a powerful tool, that a lot great cool (and easy) features […]

By Tris Hussey -- 3 comments

October 3rd, 2006

Excel, a most under used application. Tips that you can use, sorting

Alrighty.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and get into some Excel fun and goodies.  As I introed in the series index, I’m going to talk about sorting, Auto-filtering, and Pivot tables over the course of three posts.  First up sorting …
Yeah, I know Excels sorts stuff.  They even have those spiffy auto-sort (ascending and descending) […]

By Tris Hussey -- 2 comments