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Should I consider an iPhone for business or work?

by Tris Hussey on June 27th, 2007

No doubt, iPhone mania is coming to a fever pitch.  While I thought I wanted one when they were first announced, I’ve come back down to reality on that.  If not the price the fact that who knows when Rogers (who isn’t even my carrier) will get them here in Canada set me straight.  I saw on CrunchGear that the first iPhone reviews had started to come out so I checked out Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret’s review from the WSJ (All Things Digital to be correct).  Uncle Walt and Katherine seemed to love the iPhone, calling it a “breakthrough device” and gushing over many of the features, but they did remind folks that the iPhone isn’t (gasp) perfect.  It uses AT&T’s slowest data network, you can only use AT&T, and many tasks take a few more steps than on a “regular” smart phone.  I think PC World, however, has the best of the early reviews, at least for business folks thinking that their expense account/upgrade budget could afford an iPhone:

Businesspeople need not apply: It’s a safe bet that many professionals will want an iPhone. But BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian smart phones offer a long list of business-related features that the iPhone apparently won’t, at least upon release. Included on the list are support for Exchange and Domino servers, the ability to view and edit Office documents, and industrial-strength data security options. Source: PC World - 11 iPhone Gotchas

So it looks like biz folks should wait a bit.  Probably for the next revision or two before trying the iPhone.   Sure it’s cool.  Yes, it will set a new standard for devices, but I think business users should wait until RIM or someone comes out with a business focused device.

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